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Welcome to the official homepage of the European Trial Championship

Please click the links to the trials:

Eurotrial 2018 in Denmark
Eurotrial 2017 in Great Britain

Eurotrial 2016 in Germany

Eurotrial 2015 in San Marino
Eurotrial 2014 in Slovakia
Eurotrial 2013 in Italy
Eurotrial 2012 in Switzerland
Eurotrial 2011 in Czech Republic
Eurotrial 2010 in Sweden
Eurotrial 2009 in Germany
(homepage is inactive)
Eurotrial 2008 in Norway (homepage is inactive)
Eurotrial 2007 in San Marino
Eurotrial 2006 in Finland
(homepage is inactive)
Eurotrial 2005 in Ungarn (homepage is inactive)
Eurotrial 2004 in Austria
Eurotrial 2003 in Italy

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